💵How I Sold 💲8,000 of Final Expense AP in 1 Week!💵

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14 Replies to “💵How I Sold 💲8,000 of Final Expense AP in 1 Week!💵”

  1. Cody, I sold my first two appointments that didn't porch me, but now I am out of money and was given numbers to call. Can you give me some advice doing blind door to door.

  2. I don’t intend to be rude but after listening to you patting yourself on the back, I need to state that your production doesn’t back up your ego. 117K first year doesn’t come close to allowing you to proclaim yourself as the best agent in the country. Not even close. There are blaring mistakes in your presentation. You didn’t discuss health issues and prescriptions. You didn’t talk about the fact that they might have a policy. The way you present your three ideas will leave $$$ on the table 90% of the time. Pricing should always be a blow it out the water price than a pushing it idea and then a reasonable price… $70-80/month idea. If they have to go less, you’ll probably still get at least $10/month more and, when multiplied out over the year could mean an extra $20K. Also, you never once mentioned that the primary reason that every agent ought to be there is to help the client solve a problem. The agent needs to uncover the problem before creating a solution. Besides the stuff above, you did a great job.

  3. Cody you are so confident. You do such an awesome!! I am a new agent doing final expenses and I will be following you every step of the way. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise!!

  4. Do all of the Final Expense clients need to have had a blood test, do they all need to fit into the criteria of having a good clean diet, not having any diseases of any kind and not being drinkers or smokers ?

    That is sorta one of the biggest things that has sorta stopped me so far and if the good diet, great health(healthier) and the blood test and good habits aren't a necessity can I just then close them in their house ?

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