22 Replies to “10 Awesome Vinegar Life Hacks you should know.”

  1. Wait wait wait vinegar is in acid and I was repeatedly told by my chem teacher to not pour acids down the drain bc it'll react with the pipes so won't vinegar destroy the pipes????

  2. Is your computer running slow lately ? Take a slice of bread, soak it in vinegar, and place it inside your pc case on top of the cpu overnight – your pc will run faster than ever !

  3. love listening to yourself just read off bunk you heard on the net, Vinegar original conception after canning. Douche as in making the cookie smell fresh and clean, not to be confused with douche bag.

  4. Wow you guys are nuts once vinegar dries it is odorless I use it on and for EVERYTHING. cleaning whole house, TV screens, deodorizing house, laundry , tone skin, lower blood pressure, kicking upset or acidic stomach to the curb, cleans scalp when I don't wanna shampoo or even as a clarifier after shampoo followed by baking soda rince.. hair grows like wild fire. Profile pic is b4 i discovered such miracles for health and wellness hair is at bottom of neck now… My Cousin even lost 15 lbs drinking it with warm water n honey in the honey instead of breakfast. So it's truly a home staple.
    By the way y'all had me crying out loud some of y'all should be comedians omg!!!

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