10 Pennies Worth Over $100

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  1. انا من المغرب يوجد عندي نقود قديمة أمريكية متل هذه لعلي الصور الها تف الوتساب 0688212434

  2. 1:16 – Propagating a popular misconception. Numismatic value is based on rarity, condition and demand. It is not based on how old a coin is. Perhaps what you meant was the date? I have an ancient Roman coin which is close to 1700 years old and is valued at $10. I have a Flying Eagle Cent which is only 150 years old and it's worth over $60.

  3. For information → 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar, PCGS SP66 – an example of an extremely rough forgery in the original PCGS holder → see the topic under the link:
    Note → this rough forgery was sold at the auction "Stack's Bowers" 1/2013 for $ 10,016,875.
    Note: According to irrefutable evidence, ALL 13 "coins" of Bruce Morelan's collection are EXTREMELY rough counterfeits. Confirmation → see my previous topics.

  4. Hey David, the VDB (Victor David Brenner, the engraver) on the sought after 1909-S is on the REVERSE at the 6 o'clock position, NOT on the OBVERSE as you said. Other than that, GOOD vid!

  5. Love your info. You made several mistakes. 1909-s, WHERE is the vbd located?1866 and1867 are Indianhead, not wheat right? Free info is cool but check your stuff first.

  6. he is getting things wrong like the1909 cent VDB the letters are on the back not under the date! further its the 1909S VDB that is worth a ton of money even in poor condition, and he left out the 1914D as well as the 1922 NO D kid needs to read the red book

  7. I have a 1966 Lincoln penny, Lincolns head is raised an eighth to a quarter inch above the surface on the penny. Have you seen one of these?

  8. Ok guys. I have a 2016 penny with no mint mark. Idk if that is supposed to be like that or not. Does anyone know if 2016 pennies are supposed to have a mint mark?

  9. MAN I HAD A 1909 ,and a Indian head penny and a 55 poor man's double and other assorted nice pennies.but my place burned down in1992 and LOST MY WHOLE COLLECTION.BOY WAS I BUMMED.

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