28 Replies to “100 Billion Words | Google Super Bowl Commercial 2019”

  1. By experience…no one hires ppl just because they are veterans, and due to the skills learned in the military.

    Unless they be police, FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, ATF, DEA.

    Any job outside these paramilitary and enforcement agencies…does not exist.

    I struggled in finding work…but either Im overqualified, or a threat to management in jealousy, or fears of having a PTSD episode…any many other reasons that are stupid.

    We only qualify in flipping burgers but that does no good making $10/hr…because we are not a teenager, or living with mommy and daddy. $10 doesnt pay rent, food, gas, misc expenses while having to support a family.

  2. 今度西京区に引っ越しするのですが、どこの歯科医院にいけばよいかわかりません。できるだけこうつうの便がよいところかいいのですか

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