19 Replies to “11-Year-Old Almost Dies Bc Insurance Company Changed Insulin”

  1. I work for a different insurance company doing prior authorizations for medications just like this. Sad to say, I'm one of the most thorough and consistent people in my department. I'm not a certified pharm tech, but I study in my free time to help improve my skills. I make it my mission to give EACH person the best chance at having their medications approved within the fucked up system we have. It takes effort, knowledge, and honesty that many typical workers don't care about. I know private insurance is unethical, but I encourage those of you who want a better system to work within the system to create better outcomes until we hopefully lose our jobs to a better and more compassionate system. Get your foot in the door. Let's get these folks more coverage.

  2. No one should have to worry about dying because they don't have access to basic healthcare, like in every other developed country. What's so "radical" about that?

  3. And 11 year old kid is type 1 diabetes? He got it as 2 years old? How??? Where in the world it is possible? In US? His parents were responsible parents and vaccinated him by big pharma vaccines? And now he must postpone his dying with big pharma insulin? Oh, I see.

  4. Many Trump supporters are as poor as fck all. I make decent money and I she'll out a little over $600 a damn month. Fck your damn fcking wall- I want health insurance without a 4 thousand dollar deductible when I pay 600 hundred outta pocket. Why don't his supporters whine, scream, cry, bitch and CHANT about that damn "promise"? I guarantee they'd benefit with BILLIONS being put to use for a universal system of health care than a fcking border wall along a few states to stem the NATIONAL EMERGENCY Dear Leader conjured up out of his first stage Alzheimer's diseased brain. (oh and at present my mom has this hear breaking disease so in no way do I take or make that statement lightly)
    Peace ✌️

  5. Look, Single Payer Health Care systems have their drawbacks, nobody is denying that, but which would you rather have to put up with? Would you rather put up with a Government funded Hospital saying "Sorry, we need to push your procedure back a little bit because somebody came into the hospital who needs health care more urgently than you do." or a Private Health Insurance Company saying "Sorry, but we went over the costs and we've decided your 11-year-old Diabetic Sons' life isn't worth spending THAT kind of money on…"

  6. The "health care" system in this country is a big shame and scam. How dare they play with people's lives!!! They ONLY thing the insurance companies and big pharma care about is lining their own pockets with $$$$$$$$$!!!!!!! We could say BLOOD MONEY because many people have lost their lives because they couldn't afford the proper care they need! It's an absolute disgrace!!!!!!!!

  7. I wonder if kyle or others watching this is realize that this story actually is pretty dangerous for medicare for all in GOP hands. (Unless his account is wrong)… emblem health is a not for profit health insurer. Its not medicare for all, but its not a for profit insurer either.

    Its interesting to see that kyles two most recent vidoes of outrage of insurers not doing the right thing were for emblem here and medicare (even though he ommitted it) a few months back.

    I dont expect everyday people to see this but im fairly sure kyle is aware but he chooses tonlie to his own followers.

  8. It is always mind boggling when listening to issues with the American health system. Being from the UK, where we have the NHS, it's hard to imagine situations like this. Obviously we have issues with it, mainly due to lack of funding, but it is by far and away a better system of health care when compared to the American standard. Having lived in the US & a large portion of my family being American, I honestly hope that one day you're able to achieve medicare for all.

  9. And yet the Republicans only mention extreme cases like the child in the UK under the NHS, who the doctors decided to let die. They never mentioned his severe mental and physical disabilities, the fact that he was in constant pain and his condition was terminal… no, that was a death panel apparently. But stuff like this, with a kid who would otherwise be perfectly fine is okay, as it's a private company.

  10. Health insurance & pharmaceutical companies need to be prosecuted for this stuff.

    Poor Ethan. God, that poor kid.

    Also, I swear drug commercials take up like 99% of commercials! They are SO ANNOYING! I HATE THEM! I WOULD BAN THEM ALL IF I COULD!

  11. This is what for-profit healthcare inevitably comes to — needless pain and suffering for any American citizen in need of medical attention who's not born with a silver spoon in his or her mouth. This unprecedented greed is fucking revolting and then some.

    For those of you who're concerned that America is turning brown, I guarantee you that this for-profit healthcare isn't helping your cause.

  12. Hey Conservatives!!! You know who the REAL Death Panels are? Insurance Companies in America.
    We need Medicare4All NOW. Not a fucked up, water-downed version the Corporate WHORE DNC-Dems are pushing.
    REAL MEDICARE4ALL. Healthcare in the USA SUCKS.

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