2020 Recession Paused, [DS] [CB] Plan Shutdown – Episode 1794a

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49 Replies to “2020 Recession Paused, [DS] [CB] Plan Shutdown – Episode 1794a”

  1. yes JFK was assassinated becuase he had silver cons made..they were actually worth something in a nuclear disaster..so he was killed and we go back to cheap worthless metal coins. and paper money that is worthless, but in a disaster silver coins are worth something..not paper or some cheap metal

  2. What happened to recession 2019 so highly anticipated in your videos in 2018. You keep moving the dates lol
    I thought Harry Dent and Bo Polny were the only ones in tampering with the dates.

  3. If they put out the Swissindo $$ intended fir the people their wouldn’t be any Recession!! Every time people in Alaska get their Fuel PFD funding it stimulates the entire state of Alaska and gets everyone through winter . It’s not like people won’t spend it right back into the economy! Give us our GESARA/Nesara!!!

  4. 19:30 and with the demise of the old Fed and with the gold standard is going to come, bye bye big military industrial, renegade spy agencies, crazy secret gov't programs. Those are expensive and all depend on the unlimited spending of fiat money whose controllers are beholden to outside agencies inimical to American interest.

  5. What will happen to our personal holdings in currency now?!
    Will we go broke until the new economy kicks in?!
    What about the current economy as a whole, do we have a safety net?!

  6. Cancel all black budgets and debt goes away it's a boondoggle Trillions missing and both parties cover it up that's our taxes 😔 no accounting at all. News is to afraid tn report on this censord

  7. I don't want to see gold go up in price. I want stable gold prices or even lower gold prices. That would mean our dollars are not being inflated. A stable dollar is good for us.

  8. If all were to study the Bankster Bible "Modern Money Mechanics" they would come to understand that balloon bubbles do not burst with a slow hiss but a bang unless carefully defused through the point of infusion.

  9. Yes, Hes taking real good care of businesses and those invested in wallstreet… it's now time for him to take care of the regular people in this country. Stop illegal migration. End UN common core in our public education. End any funding from the UN coming into our local governments and schools. Get the UN and its migrant open border invaders out of this country!

  10. He is doing it he is fulfilling Netanyahu the demons wish’s. He is launching a war on Venezuela against an honorable Native American society who will fight not for the money changers they fight for their heritage their life force United “America will become the bigest welfare state in the world that we will control” Who is the we? The we is the crime syndicate of Israel

  11. We can speculate on what would have happened if Hillary had won but to state it as a certainty is not really being truthful, we may have had a war, we may have had a complete cessation of the Constitution, but we cannot be sure.

  12. President Trump asks Europa to take back ISIS fighters! That makes me angry! There is war in Germany and other countries. Old women even in wheel chairs are raped and he wants us to take back Terrorists? Our Government is willing to take them back – make no mistake! Assad shall keep them and take them before a Tribunal. We Germans have enough burdens! We don´t need Trump to make our situation worse!

  13. Dont you think the Fed needs to raise rates a couple more times? They have so much room in the markets now since Decemeber to throw in another quarter point hike.

  14. NO, ! They better not make no move on nothin, until Hillary, Obama, Soros and the rest of the Gang is behind bars.. Exposing the scumbags will only make them go on a bigger crime spree.. Hitler destroyed every city on his way out , as he was being pushed out .. There's no telling what can happen with the Crooked Commies still walking free.. There will be false flag attacks from here to Kingdom Come..

  15. Trump's sanctions hit Venezuela where it hurts: Its oil

    Washington Post

    Jan 30, 2019 · Houston-based Citgo has propped up its Venezuelan parent … Venezuela is believed to be reaching out to big trading houses such as Switzerland's Vitol .

  16. Appointed by…WHO DAT? Trump's daughter selected the new world bank President and he's been approved

    Jim Yong Kim

    About the Author: DAVID MILIBAND is President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee. The abrupt resignation of Jim Yong Kim as president of the World Bank on February 1—more than three years before the scheduled end of his term—sent ripples of concern through the global development community.5 hours ago

  17. Venezuela Gold Reserves | 2019 | Data | Chart | Calendar | Forecast | News

    Trading Economics › Venezuela

    Gold Reserves in Venezuela remained unchanged at 161.20 Tonnes in the first quarter of 2019 from 161.20 Tonnes in the fourth quarter

  18. So Hey Dave how come this is a good thing? So the poor and the middle class will get even poor. And the rich will become richer because the stock market keeps going Higher. Agenda 21

  19. @dave. This is all well and good that the resession is on hold. Well it looks like it could be. But what about the Libor’s that are comming due in a few years. Those alone are a weapon in them selves. Enough to crash the economy hard by them selves. And a hard crash is what’s going to be needed to make everyone world wide want to get rid of the central banks. Other wise it will never happen. It’s got to be a hard enough crash that everyone hurts. And then the governments can rally the people and get the central banks removed and transition everyone into the new currency. Maybe even the sdr. Hard to say. But I don’t think this is over. Not by a long shot yet. Infact. I think the war is just getting started.

  20. well crap, I thought Trump was supposed to run the economy into the ground?  I kind of wish the plan wouldn't keep changing every couple days.   I think Q is Obama.  Idk, might be pence and Biden though.

  21. Yes, but if president Donald Trump calls for marital law sometime next year, there will be no election!!! This by doing so will keep president Donald Trump in office!!!!!
    This could take place, who knows, but Q and president Donald Trump!!!!!!

  22. I lived on the Border for Years !! The only to stop illegals is make laws to make it illegal to hire them with million dollar fines and 40 year mandatory prison sentences . but politicians won't do this because they all hire illegals , take away their reason to come here illegally,also fine them millions of Dollars for False Documents they get in Flea MARKETS , what's funny we are headed into a full civil war

  23. I'm not buying that we have to wait till 2020 for justice. Nobody wants such a pyrrhic "victory". I think the timing will be a completely unexpected surprise. We'll see.

  24. if we could get around to taking our clean air back and end the chemtrails that would be great as well, would make growing food a lot cleaner as well

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