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  1. Something just doesn't seem right about having a video featuring decadent Foods and the grave if someone who died from an eating disorder. Much of the time I saw the Carpenters performing on television they had a drummer who at one time was on The Mickey Mouse Club and known as Cubby. I have no idea what his real name was.

  2. It’s sad she had such an angelic voice and to tell a young woman that she needs to lose weight when she didn’t even have a weight problem.. I think the person or company who told her that should be held responsible..telling a young girl that really messes with a girl’s vision of herself it’s just so sad 😞 it’s her voice not her body they really want to capture

  3. job well done on this tribute to Karen Carpenter..not sure if you were aware of this..but one of the members in their band,was none other than Cubby O'brien of the 50's Mickey Mouse Club.

  4. I just went to Westlake last Thursday to visit the grave of Karen Carpenter. Thanks for the information on this it is right outside my home town in Woodland Hills. RIP Karen.

  5. I absolutely love your channel, and Jah is amazing, thanks for all the work that you put into your channel, and even more importantly thanks for sharing jahs life, I love him❤

  6. Well done! They were a "close" family, but not so much a "warm" one. Rumor has always maintained that Agnes was overbearing, controlling, and even a bit greedy. I know they all had good intentions, but most weren't all that loving. I suppose the past will always remain a valuable teacher. Addictions, whether they be chemical or emotional, are treated very differently today due to the previous circumstances. For this, we can be grateful. I loved Karen's voice. Still do. Richard is a bit odd (maybe even a bit creepy) even to this day. I love your research, your discretion and diplomacy. This channel is amazing.

  7. What an amazing video. You have done so well with your research and respect to Richard and ESP Karen. I had no idea until today that Karen's resting place was relocated. I love cemeteries. There is a peace and calmness and ethereal beauty in these places. Thank you so so much again. Brilliantly done

  8. Karen was taking a medication called Thyroxine ( a drug prescribed for people with an under active Thyroid). The drug helps to speed up the metabolism. Karen had heard of this drug and started taking it (even though she did not have a thyroid problem). She took the drug in massive amounts, which resulted in her heart failing. It must have made her feel sick because even if you have a Thyroid problem and use this drug as prescribed, the side effects can be unpleasant at best. From what I have read, Karen was taking as much as 10x the normal dosage.
    Karen had a huge effect on the fashions at the time. I remember Karen and her brother would be in a new video and the next day the clothing stores would be jammed packed with the exact outfit she wore on the clip.

  9. I love the Carpenters and will always miss her angelic voice. Her death brought attention to the danger of eating disorders. Hopefully many young people, mainly girls, will seek help so her death will not be in vain. We'll always miss you Karen – gone far too soon.

  10. What was…was great, but we'll always wonder what might have been. I guess some stars are ment to shine in heaven.
    Great job on the video. I luv your dog🐶 buddy. What a sweety. 💖

  11. What a beautiful new memorial site. I remember visiting her on the hill at Hollywood Forest Lawn. Wasn't she next to either Laurel or Hardy? You're right, it was a very small nondescript stone.

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