8 MOST INSANE Concept Cars You Need To See

8 Racing concept Cars coming soon 8 MOST INSANE Concept Cars Coming Soon 8 Future Concept Car Coming Soon NO.1- INFINITI DESIGN SAN DIEGO …


35 Replies to “8 MOST INSANE Concept Cars You Need To See”

  1. #1,,2,4,5,6,9, are all just CGI. #3; Robocar ? What are you doing while the robot is driving your car around ?
    #8 The Nissian is just UGLY ! The Renault is the only real vehicle with any possibilities.

  2. 우리 데빗 취향은~~??^^

    넘버 7.9 인데요~~^^

    둘중에 7이 그레이스는
    더 호감이 가네요~~^^

    9은 좀 부담스럽고~~^^,

    7번 테자르~~^^

    데빗하고 사랑 못하면~~
    테자르하고 사랑에 빠져야 겠다~~^^

    7 테자르~~^^
    완전 그레이스 스타일 임~~^^

    그레이스 애르~~^^

  3. "The car can achieve incredible top speeds" . Even with a trunk full of groceries and a set of golf clubs and child safety seat in the back seat? For Nissan; This is what's possible when another world "SuperPower" country is spending its money policing the world for everyone… But it is a car for the third wheel on a date, or a pimp just starting out.

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