40 Replies to “ABC News Hurricane Michael live coverage: landfall with 155 mph winds in Florida panhandle”

  1. I never thought I would say this but President Trump did a great job at that press conference. Unlike the GOP diehards that could never get themselves to say anything nice about President Obama, I promised myself I would never behave in such a vile and hateful way. Nice job at that press conference President Trump.

  2. I deeply apologize if my past comment was of controversial or terrible nature to any of you. I actually pray that everyone if ok and well. Sincerely sorry for the 11 people who have died in this rather unfortunate event. Just here for sincere apologies

  3. This is going to keep happening, until we all know and agree that God is a God, that no other names America can pray…. America repeat your sins have reached to heaven, and God is angry for his peoples that he loved. John 3-16. God is hands is still available to heal anyone of us. When God said let it rain ,it rain. When he say let it shine, it shine, let water flood in some areas it lol be so. There is nowhere we can skip what God plans to do.. remember at the time of Noah, sodom and Gomorrah or Jonas. God is God. Please return to God now it’s time. Why r we giving too much carrying to pets instead of saving our life in the blood of Jesus so we can all be same.. remember pharaoh he did refused to let God is people to Canaan but God showed him how grateful he is. America repent,
    This is a warning to America.
    a month ago we had hurricane Florence and now hurricane Michel..Gloro to our mighty God…. for all that read it please pray and God will show you more than what I said. Thank you and may God give us a heart to repent.

  4. You guys did a great job reporting this. I was watching the live stream (without sound) at work the entire time while I was seeing to my other responsibilities. Seeing that hotel awning collapse live made me realize just how serious of a storm this was!

  5. I have rode out my share of hurricanes here in Texas ike was the worst one and it was only a cat 2 my home is still messed up since no insurance moral of the story each storm is different if the wind don't get you the surge or tornadoes will prayers to those in Michaels path

  6. Please stop pumping so much co² in the air, and maybe come back to the Paris climate accord.. or you will get hammered harder and harder. we will leave you without help if you are not part of the Paris accord.

  7. I truly cannot understand why you Americans continue to use timber construction in high risk storm areas????

    Just when it seems you cannot dumb down more, you do. STUDY RC construction systems if you have any brain cells left

  8. All those fucking vehicles and nobody ued them to get the fuck out of town and to safer areas before this shit hit. Morons! Seriously how big a douchebag loser does somebody have to be to own a vehicle and yet die in a fucking hurricane?

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