1. Hi Sarah! I have a question. Why you shouldn"t take Roaccutane while doing microneedling? My dermatologist prescribed my Roaccutane to reduce oil production on my face. And I did 1 dermapen session with her. I do not know if I shoud trust her… I dont like her that much… Thanks!!!!

  2. also, i know this is really unrelated but do you think i can purge from tretinoin only a month after a full accutane course? i’m on 0,05 mg every other day

  3. i’ve just started tretinoin a month after my accutane course was done and i’m honestly worried that it will ruin how foundation goes on. i have red marks all over my cheeks from when i was taking accutane and they’re slowly starting to fade but i still feel like i need that boost from a bit of foundation.
    on a side note, how long is it before retin a starts to actually heal acne scaring and red spots? like you said, i am tired of being reminded of acne and my low self esteem every time i look into a mirror

  4. I love this so much! I really needed this! I’ve been looking for ways to hide my scars. I’m at the end of my accutane treatment but I still have scars unfortunately. I’ve been looking for a natural finish foundation…not sure if this is the same for the foundation you use. My skin is very dry from the treatment so I’m confused if I should use glowy foundation or matte foundation. I was so used to using matte foundations because my skin was very oily but now it’s super dry so I had to invest in new makeup. I was wondering if you had any recommendations for this whether it’s makeup or moisturizers. Thank you so much! I love all your videos! You encourage me so much ☺️

  5. Vichy foundation is amazing, one of the very few not to aggravate my acne. Love the setting powder too. Just wish there was a better shade range.

  6. I don’t know if you can get Tati”s Halo beauty vitamins where you live but I would love to see you review them! I’m on the fence about them and I trust your opinion 😀

  7. liverwurst has helped with my acne lately and i no longer take retinyl pills! however i do wake up feeling like im in the sahara if i eat too much or drink coffee the day before. it has more vit a than the pills i took

  8. Thank you for this! Makeup is the only thing that helps me to have a normal live while having acne.
    Next week I’ll be starting isotretinoin so I’m very excited 😊

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