12 Replies to “Adam Grant: “Give and Take” | Talks at Google”

  1. At 30:34, I believe it would it makes more sense to say it in reverse. That, 'they've never had a real job, let alone having been a leader'. I'm pretty sure. Because the part that comes after 'let alone' must be more demanding. Do you think he messed up or he really believes that leading is easier than having a real job? I know I'm going crazy on him lolll.

  2. 44:04 Regarding women being givers in close relationships and men being givers to strangers, the reason is that women, in general, are governed by stage-3 morality ("Good-girl" morality or ethics of care) but men can go up to stage-6 (Universal ethics or ethics of justice). Stage-3 morality is selfish in the sense that you don't want to waste your good behavior on someone (e.g. stranger) who will not have a chance to repay the behavior in future; in essence, there is an expectation of a return/reward (at least psychological, like respect) for good behavior.

  3. The genius of Adam Grant… tells you there are givers, takers and matchers, the top and bottom corporate positions are givers, he became human by pointing out to troops he knew nothing. I have to agree with them, I learned absolutely nothing.

  4. Adam Grant is a tool, writes a book about givers and takers, gives a talk saying there are givers, takers and matchers, duh genius, says givers are at the top and bottom of corporate positions, boring once more, wants to know the difference, then goes on to say he became human in front of some troops by pointing out the elephant in the room (himself) the idiot who knows nothing, those troops were right. I'm sorry but I learned nothing.

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