44 Replies to “Amazing Michelin Star THAI FOOD at Le Du | Asia's 50 Best Restaurants”

  1. LEGIT: I LOVE WATCHING YOUR AMAZING, RARE, AND CUSTOM-DISH ADVENTURES(just sad I’m allergic to crustaceans)!!!! I LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH YOU, YOUR FAMILY,AND FRIENDS! Thanks again, Mark, for the view of a great few feasts.

  2. My husband and I had gone there last year and it is definitely worth it. The presentation and flavors is so good, it’s one of our favorite fancy dining restaurants. We will definitely go again when we can make another trip to Thailand.

  3. Mark, were you still hungry after the dinner? I mean the plates and bowls were big but the portion in it small, just two mouthful and that was done. I mean with your record of 5 bowls of noodles in a morning, I am pretty sure you were still hungry after that.

  4. Hi Mark you makes me hungry, and I love your video introducing the wonderful cuisine in Thai. wish to see your more products. your video are so vivid and you highly respect the local culture when you take the food tour. love you so much, and thank you for the beautiful edition.

  5. Love it!!!!! Puppup was my fur baby's name! He passed in August 2016 🙁 I still love the name and will follow you. Thanks for the video! Very inspiring! 🙂

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