35 Replies to “AMAZING PALEO CHOCOLATE CAKE | gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free”

  1. Hi guys! This cake is by far the best paleo cake I've ever made (or eaten). But as luck would have it…on the day I filmed this video it was 90 degrees in SoCal and my air conditioner broke that morning! So the cake on the video isn't quite as pretty as the one on my blog because it was starting to melt in my hot kitchen. Lol. Make sure to click over to the blog for the full recipe and prettier photos. 😉 Enjoy! – Lisa xo

  2. That cake looked so delicious! I'm not even a huge fan of chocolate cake, which is weird because I love chocolate… But I'd eat the crap out of that cake!

  3. Wow! You have a very neat and beautiful kitchen, also your food recipes are healthy I always like it… much love from Sri Lanka…😍😊

  4. palm shortening is really bad for the earth, it causes deforestation which leaves animals with no where to go, and leads to climate change. Can you give us another substitute please!!

  5. delicious cake, everyone that tasted my cake today totally loved it!! I even made my own icing sugar because I was lazy to go to the shop. the butter cream is the cherry on top. thanks so much:)

  6. Well I’m making a cake for my classmates but one is allergic to gluten and the other one is deathly allergic to nuts…

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