Anal Sex 101 – Naked Sunday



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  1. Could you make a video about anal stimulation from women to men? I'm so confused about this issue. I have female friends that want to do it to their partners, I want it too, but… it's very controversial. Once I tried to put my finger in his butt hole but finally I didn't because I was scared. I though that if he like it, he would probably look for a dick later. Some people say it's completly normal for heterosexual men to like anal stimulation, that it doesn't have nothing to do with homosexuality because their G SPOT is there, but others say that if they like it they are gay! I don't know what to think about it. I wanna try it because the thought of doing it turns me on, but at the same time I'm so scared that he wanted a dick. Have you ever done it? What do you think about it? Thank you so much!! (Sorry for my English)

  2. did it all the time when I was pregnant with my 17,12,&11 year old but it hurts like he'll when I'm not pregnant even with lubricant my husband it really big and long I try to completely relax like my big sister told me she does before she has anal it only worked for me when I was pregnant I want to do try it again but I hurt so bad during g and after it took 4 days for me to sit down without a butt pillow he still try too every time we make love.

  3. Great video! One thing I can't understand… why would waiting a few hours before anal be a good thing? It would seem to me that having anal right after eating would food give less time to reach the back door.

    What about farts? Do they make the experience more interesting or not?

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