Annuities 101

You have inquired, read and studied about annuities on our websites or someone else’s, but you are still frustrated, confused or afraid of annuities. You are not …


4 Replies to “Annuities 101”

  1. This is NOT a 101/intro to annuities. The video should be explaining mainly the different types of annuities and the pros/cons of each. This is NOT for beginners!! Went too far ahead into detail and lost you…You need to re-title your video.

  2. Whole life insurance policy

    I have a whole life insurance policy that has cash value. I am paying a loan on policy back, and pay $1400 premium per year.
    Would I be wiser to build this policy up after loan is paid off or should I add annuity to my retirement portfolio?
    I am full time employed hopefully for another 10 years. I turned 59 this year. I have a pension that grows 1% per year while full time employed. I do have 401k plan.

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