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  1. Apply for health insurance YOUNG! SERIOUSLY! When you are young odds are you have less problems. Also interest is less when you are younger because you are less likely to die.

  2. Couldnt you just waited and automaticly recieved a card that you just have to show to any doctor in the country to get most treatments without using your wallet? if its coloured blue it might even work the same way in other nearby countries aswell.

  3. There has to be a catch to the public plan. Granted you don't have to go through a laborious medical history but…will you get that money pronto to pay for your medical biz? But it was nice to see this example in foreplay of everything. Thanks John Green. Also, private is perhaps still better in getting the money rather than applying for it. Those are two difference processes with two different outcomes. Nice vid!

  4. If healthcare works for the rest of the developed world, it will work for America.
    Guess how much my history matters for when I get sick? Not a whit. I just tell my doctor or have my files transferred.
    The only thing we have to pay for is an ambulance ride, which can get expensive without insurance. No one dies for lack of money for medicine.

    The only thing I have to pay for is elective surgery, which by definition I don't need, so it's fine. There are /some/ things that slip through the gap, but overall it's pretty good.
    Unless Tony Abbott succeeds in fucking it up, tho his latest attempt failed.

  5. So I'm American and its completely alien to me to be able to walk into a hospital and get service without paying for it, weather it be out of pocket or by insurance. Socialism sounds awesome.

  6. I used my Obamacare card today. I kept the same doctor I always had. I kept the same dentist I always had. I go to the same pharmacy I always have. My medication was $6.00 dollars more than it used to be. My doctor visit was $5.00 dollars more than it used to be. I can live with that especially if I never have to work again.

  7. Hi John,

    The video is really nice. But as someone said in below comments, have you tried it recently? Or with private quote engines?

    I think that would definitely be another unique experience. And I am sure that video will also get popular just like this one.

    Another thing is March 31st is approaching. That is last date for open enrollment. Your video will help lots of people too.

    Cheers . . ..


  8. This act will enable millions of people (me included) to start their own businesses because we're not tried to jobs we hate. I am the proud owner of a digital agency and have hired freelancers just like me to come together to work for clients. Profitable, freeing and worth the birth pangs and messiness of getting something positive done when all we have are naysayers in Government that want to keep the status quo.

  9. I do appreciate the Affordable Care Act and what it attempts to do for our country.  There are definitely some bugs that still need to be worked out, however.  For example: my 50 yr. old father who applied through the national website is required to have pregnancy insurance.  What??  I'm glad the government is trying to pull us into the 21st century, but I hope we don't stop here.

  10. The time it took be to apply for my health insurance was zero seconds. This is because I am British and have never had to apply for health coverage. This is because we have this little thing called the NHS and all coverage is free at the point of delivery.

  11. Obama promised us universal healthcare and documents early on showed he didn't even look into it. And now these stupid hipsters who make millions of dollars on YouTube making silly videos are making fun of this system they help bring us. Bullshit.

  12. The cost of average funeral service is around 10k; I can't wait for the  affordable funeral service act of 2021 in response to disaster in waiting that is health care act.. After the  affordable health act comes into full power around 2016 we will need way to affordably bury all the victims.

  13. This law also requires that anyone in "poverty" will be enrolled in medicare system. There are possibly 30 million plus indigents that will enrolled in next 10 years. This system is already bankrupting taxpayer. This is part of class warfare politics where "fairness" is extolled constantly is and financial health of country is forsaken..

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