29 Replies to “Automatically Backup Files To SkyDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, With Duplicati”

  1. Download Dropbox. Sign up for $99 yr/1 Terabyte storage. Store and maintain all your photos, docs, music, scans, etc in the local drive Dropbox parent folder that is shown by your (Windows/Mac) file manager. Dropbox will then automatically synch everything within your local Dropbox folder to the Dropbox cloud on a constant basis – no need to manually run backups. Accidentally delete something? Restore it from the Recycle Bin. No additional backup software required. Simples…

  2. I keep getting "The under lying connect was closed could not establish trust relationship between SSL/TLS secure channel" I am trying to set this up to my skydrive but when i try to test the connection or create the folder I get that message.

  3. I need your help guys. My windows 8.1 is not working properly. Because the Store app displays that i need to refresh my pc. But when im starting to refresh it, it shows diffrent texts that it usually displays on other pc. What do i need to do. I cant lose every apps from store. Please help me

  4. Thank you so much for sharing, I find visual learning so much easier…applying the method is so important to me. Thank you once again. Love G. 
    N.B. Your assistance is invaluable.

  5. After actually having some time to review this, I see that the encrypted "parts" of the backup as a whole must all be restored and they work like pieces of a puzzle…. even without the encryption things look zipped and span several archives. For me this is no good since I wanted to backup to G-DRIVE 247Gigs of photos and videos. I thought the folder structures and files would all stay somewhat intact, but just be encrypted… It appears to make a multi-volume archive store or something. which would mean I download the WHOLE enchilada to unencrypt/restore files. There is no way to just view a single folder for example. I think what I need is a sync utility instead.   

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