Beth’s Cream Cheese Brownie Recipe | ENTERTAINING WITH BETH

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  1. Hi Beth ! So i tried out this recipe today, and it worked perfectly fine until i added the dry ingredients to the chocolate butter mix. The chocolate began to combine together and forming clusters, which made the batter hard for me to manage when i was spreading it out on the baking pan and doing the marble art. Do you have any idea why this might have happened ? I wanna try and avoid this next time 🙂 P.S: i did not add any sugar to the chocolate butter mix as i was already using milk chocolate and dark chocolate (and both contain sugar already), since i dont have the other chocolates here in Istanbul 🙂

  2. Beth..I had a magic the end..I had my earphones on while I got inspired to Cat book..and then I heard the this song. I thought it must have been the next video..but it was from you. Ohhh the Universe is connecting my ideas to yumminess…Loved this .I love your playful gestures..purrrfect.🐾🐾🐈🐈🍰💌🎁Love from Liah xx

  3. СПАСИБО! Твой десерт это что-то невероятное. Очень вкусно. Даже кто не любит шоколад съедают за минуту😉😉👏👏👏

  4. Hi Beth I'm really fall in love with this Brownie Cheese Cream. .. I'm going to bake now.. now…. Hey I'm really love the song too of Baker asking about this and remember you gave the details of the song. .yes I really watch this video and wonderful. .thanks Janabai Vellasamy from Malacca ..Malaysia

  5. So if I was to make this with a Box mix(I know it's a cheat and wouldn't taste as good but I want hem for thanksgiving so I'd kinda be in a pinch) would I use the temp that you have or use the one on the box?

  6. So so yummy, I bake it twice:) and I love it ^_^,
    I have a little question, In the video you say 1/2 (half)tsp of baking soda, but in the description it says 1 (one) tsp baking soda.

    I make two time following the description recipe (with 1 tsp) and the results was great,
    But which one is the right?

    Thank you so much for amazing recipes you share with us.

  7. I tried those yesterday. The chocolate flavor was too intense, which works for me but not everyone would like it. The cheese part was too liquidy though. Baked alright but wondering if i did anything wrong?

  8. thank you for converting the ingredients to the metric system. it really saves me the nightmare of converting them myself. especially since a cup of flour is not the same amount as a cup of chocolate chips for example. merci!

  9. Another amazing recipe! I know we're not even close to the season, but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if you could make a video for hot apple cider with whole cinnamon sticks!

  10. Hey Beth, can I just say how technically wonderful your videos are to watch. How do you get your sound quality so perfect? What camera are you shooting on? Do you use an external microphone? Thank you. ;-))

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