Billionaire Prince Al Waleed bin Talal PALACE – INSIDE LOOK

Al Waleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al Saud is a Saudi Arabian businessman and investor. He the grandson of King Abdulazziz Saudi royal family. He is the …


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  2. Saudia arabia richest person 18 billion usd but china richest person jac ma 40 billion usd india richest mukesh ambani 52 billion usd America richest jeff bezos 168 billion usd fact is arab country not rich as is look but in arab every one rich because very low population china and india is highest population in world etc but Arab is very good artitech

  3. It's mostly money from sponsorship commission for import deals to Saudi. Of everything from a soap to a Rolls-Royce car to a Boeing 747 Jumbojet being imported to Saudi Arabia, even labour the sponsor, usually one of the 5000 Princes of the House of Saud family-clan gets 51 % of the profit or endprice I suppose, the foreigner only can keep 49 %. Or am I wrong? And You can't bypass them because only 1 Prince has the import license for example all Mercedes passenger vehicles for new Mercedes cars as a General Importer, no way to bypass that particular Prince. Or You risk beheading. Am I wrong?

  4. with all the stolen money from the poor you cant take nothing with you thats is good.your big worry is you cannot buy a minute your body will rot in the grave or eaten by maggots.

  5. Best most beautiful and precious possession a man can have is loving loyal and beautiful wife. These palaces and diamond plated cars does not compare to dust of her feet. This fact is verified in saying of Prophet. Best worldly possession a believer can have is believing (in God) and loving woman

  6. The guy is being held at the Ritz Carlton with other Saudi billionaires and from what we heard , they made them sleep on the floors … a far cry from what we seen on that video . The bottom line he should’ve stayed away from Cursing Trump on Twitter 😬

  7. I didn’t understand a word he just said, y does one man need so much stuff, I wonder if he’ll get released and continue on as before, or is his life forever changed

  8. Media mogul thats why the 🌎 news want call Islam what it is.
    Blood licking twister of truth .
    The real bible quotes on Ismael and the devils prophet Muhammad.
    Genesis16:12 Ishmael will be a wild man and his hand will be against every man.
    Galatians4:22 For it is written in the Dora Abraham had two sons the one of the bond made the other by the free woman. Ishmael was born after the flesh; Isaac of the free woman was by promise.
    America cast out the bondwoman and her son

  9. à la fin sa dernière demeure et dans un trou par terre la ou il emporte rien avec lui meme pas une petite torche pour éclairer cette obscure place réservée pour tous

  10. ألم تر كيف فعل ربك بعاد*
    إرم ذات العماد*
    التي لم يخلق مثلها فى البلاد*
    قصب عليهم ربك سوط عذاب*
    (شاعر الوجوه)

  11. If I have that much money I'll be on vacation everyday travel the whole world eat the cheapest delicious food and donate money every Saturday so my next generation don't have shit they needa be self made 😂😂

  12. all these outrage people who are mad of his luxury are probably jealous,this guy got all his $$ and those luxuries because he knows to invest his money to generate more.not to mention he also does charities numerous times,if you want to be like him.get a JOB and find a way to generate money like him,hard work and dedication,buddies

  13. So why don't these Gulf Countries take all there brothers and sisters refugees and immigrant from Syria and other countries .If they have so much wealth all European , US countries should deport all refugees and immigrants to these countries , as these gulf countries can take care of there brothers ITS the responsibility Of these Gulf countries

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