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  1. Thank you for sharing this video. I have made many cakes trying to find a white/vanilla cake that was worthy to give away or for that matter to eat at home. None have been as great tasting with excellent texture as this one. I will use these hacks as long as I make a white or vanilla cake. Thanks for keeping it really simple.

  2. This looks great! I'm a cake decorator for work, and I'm so impressed by your use of all these tools! I didn't use any of that stuff (turn table, couplers, bench scraper) before I started working at a bakery. You're above amateur 😎 tip: they have these icing tips called EZ icers, they're just really big tips that apply an even layer of icing to the cake. They make life so much easier. Also, dipping your spatula in hot water and then smoothing is fantastic! Alternatively, just water directly on the cake in spray form works too. Sorry for the novel, cake decorating gets me excited lol

  3. I lost all respect for this woman as a baker when the cake stuck to the paper. For god's sales, seriously??? And you're giving advice to others??? Put the damned layers on cookie cooling racks!

  4. I learned this from watching PBS Create channel. Except I use Half and Half instead of milk. The pudding mix helps a great deal as well. It's always best to start with the wet ingredients before adding the dry. And add the dry slowly.

  5. I don't understand why someone would use cake mix. It's more or less just flour and sugar for an incredibly high price. It's a waste of money.

  6. You are so cute and I cannot wait to try this! I love that you appreciate your grandpa so much and do this for his birthday every year. Life is so short and these are precious moments…….AND it makes me miss my kitty who died at 16 last year……I am 68 and no one has ever made me a cake either. But my family has bought me cakes which is ok too, it the sentiment of homemade and taking that time is so special. ❤️

  7. Really wanted to offer you empathy unfortunately am unable to do so not even a Happy Birthday! Poor economic upbringing, no,siblings blah,blah,blah! Am guessing you never had friends who cared enough for you to bake or buy you a cake even while in adulthood? No girlfriend?
    I must say you garnished yourself alot of attention but am calling BS on this one because your story does not add up Birthday Boy!

  8. I love my grandkids, because they treat me like royalty…it's because of young people like you that make being a grandparent the best "job" in the world. Thank you for the awesome video

  9. I used to own a custom cake business and always used mixes after I stumbled onto a happy accident if you will. I was making a cake for my family and didn't have a lot of time so, I used a mix but, we use coconut oil in all our baked goods because it's healthier and tastes freaking amazing. The cakes come out so moist too but, sturdy enough to easily carve especially when frozen. I also added pudding sometimes to change the flavor. I always was told that my cakes tasted so good. People were usually surprised because sculpted fondant cakes usually taste pretty meh and are dry. Some people feel that it's sacrilege to freeze a cake but, I always did. It makes them more moist and easier to ice/keep from falling apart. I also iced them generously before covering them. One thing you can do to get a stronger raspberry flavor is to put plain butter cream between the layers then do a "dam" of icing along the outside edge and put raspberry preserves directly on top of the icing inside of your dam. That will keep it from oozing out. And remember to get the seedless kind!

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