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  1. Goodwill gets millions of items FREELY donated to them from good hearted people, and Goodwill staff throw out a lot of it…I know because I see all the stuff they put into their garbage bin in the backs of their stores. But they will not let anyone take the stuff they chuck away…so what is the big deal about taking stuff from these thankless idiots?

  2. What Would You Do had a segment like this, only it was in a grocery store and the actress would shop in people's cart and take items and put it into hers, making some excuse. Smh

  3. I had my cart right next to me by the shoes. I moved about a few feet to look at another pair of shoes. As I turned around I saw a woman with her hand reaching down into my cart to grab my brand new expensive shoes. They were a great find. Price was low. As our eyes met she took her hand away and walked away. I was shocked because I've never seen it done here in CO. In Utah they are ruthless. I'm being very vigilant.

  4. The father had her do it. Pathetic. I have had adults try to go through my cart. One guy literally took a razor scooter out of my cart and I had to snatch it back.

  5. I think she was instructed by the dad to get it. Especially, since they seen that you were away from your cart so much and would likely not pay notice if someone came and grabbed the item. I think they used their daughter as a scapegoat because of her age and also the fact that she is smaller and less likely to be detected. Adults normally have more compassion when it comes to dealing with children in such situations then they would another adult. And if you made too much of it, you would label yourself a jack*** and a bully for screaming at a child.

  6. I think the parents put her up to it.
    Just last month, someone grabbed my cart at a Phoenix Goodwill.
    I only had one item in the cart – an Ermenegildo Zegna neck tie priced at $1.99.
    Some lady wheeled my cart up to the front, but an employee ran and got the tie for me.
    (I think he helped me because I'm a senior & and easier to victimize).
    People shop from carts all the time in Minneapolis.
    My advice: grab an ugly jacket or beach towel
    and cover the stuff in your cart.
    They also steal purses from women.
    Girls should wear a nerdy fanny pack rather than carrying a purse.
    Thank you for all the educational videos you make. Love 'em.
    I was raised to shop at Goodwill. Buying retail was a sin! BR

  7. I'm in Atlanta. This happens a lot, but never with kids. Adults are constantly taking stuff. I've even had it happen at auctions, after the auction is over. As for kids, some times they just like stuff….who knows why. If I see a kid gravitate towards something, I consider it valuable.

  8. Has happend a lot more then I would like to say I I think some people just figure they can just sit back and watch other sellers do the research and search through everything and then grab there stuff and go and if they get caught they start screaming had mostly women doing it most of the time it's just one or two items but I have had my whole cart and that was over a hour on items and brand new CDs. Thank god they had cameras so she was in the wrong but I was told she has done this before yet she is allowed to keep coming or they don't wstch

  9. the fact that they knew why you were after their girl, shows that they had put her up to it. if I was in a store, and some man came chasing my kid, I'd be wanting to know what was going on. not oops looks like you got caught.

  10. Definitely a set up. Sounds to me like the girl has done it before to. This is a common tactic in retail stores as well. Safer on the parents to try and steal because if the kid gets caught they can just say she didn't know any better and all is forgiven.

  11. Sad to say, but it really sounds like the child was put up to it by the parents. Which is a terrible thing to teach a child, but it sounds a little too fishy to be a mistake.

  12. Must be a kid thing. I was tossing some ink cartridges in the bottom of my cart once and this kid comes up and starts fishing them out and I'm like "What the hell? Get out of my cart, kid!" I was standing RIGHT THERE BEHIND THE CART.

  13. None of us were there and kids can be completely random at times, but your read on the Father would lead me to believe that she was put up to it in some way. When you have intuition like that it's typically more than just a gut feeling, it's years of life experience and knowledge working things out on a subconscious level. Sadly some people aren't above doing things like this so never leave your items unattended like a rookie.

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