28 Replies to “Buy any Car Wholesale ~ Auction Video Buying Agent Auto Auctions”

  1. I feel sheepish here, because i'm just looking for a Red 2009 Honda Fit Sport. I'm in sw iowa, where i don't find too many, and this is what i want, and i don't want to look forever. I want to be on with my life and that car. 641-782-8367 Lin

  2. 🌹 I've bought at public auctions AND Dealer-only auctions and the dealer-only auctions are way better because the cars are cheaper. Dealers pay less and buy multiple cars to resell and at public auctions people are willing to pay higher because they are buying only one typically to drive themselves.

  3. auctions are for suckers unless they are repo and dealer auctions any turd can go to a public auction and get their ass ripped dealers auctions are there to move inventory. public auctions are a suckers bet, with ringers in the crowd to try to get you to pay too much for the car which you always will your better off going on graigslist then a public auction.

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