37 Replies to “Buying a $1680 IAA 2001 Mercedes S600 – Does it run?? PT1”

  1. When you get the abs bas esp asr or similar errors
    Full lock the steering wheel to the right and to the left
    Those Merc have a tendency to light up every single error when the battery is completely dead

  2. I purchased an 2002 in 07 with 28K. I had nothing but serious problems with it. Air suspension issues, oil cooler problems, coil pack issues, and air conditioning issues. It spent more time in the shop than in my garage. I will NEVER buy a Mercedes again!

  3. It is not an AMG, it is merely fitted with optional AMG style wheels. Even Mercedes with an 'AMG' badge on the boot lid are not full fat AMG's, they are merely normal cars fitted with an AMG body kit. Proper AMG cars have different model names, i.e., S63 which was the AMG version of the car you have. It had a 6.3l V12 engine and produced 444 bhp. However, the 5.8l, 357 bhp, V12 in yours will certainly propel you along the road in some style. Good luck recommising the car, let's hope the bills aren't to big.

  4. Mercedes only produced this 5.8L V12 for two years 2001-2002. The 2003+ has the monstrous twin-turbo V12 from the Maybach. I was told by a German that the 5.8L V12s are indestructible.

  5. It could not have been the LAST time you were there at IAA as you returned fro the second time.
    What does LAST mean in your language?
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    Have you heard of the word PREVIOUS ?
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  6. What really makes me upset is that i have a S320 model 2000 and when i saw he was worried about the suspension i remembered that i have to wait 10 minutes every time i start up my car just to let the hydraulic to rise.

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