California Gets Cooked | Fires Created by Microwave Directed Energy Weapon ▶️️

In science fiction, futuristic soldiers are often shown wielding light emitting weapons. Flash Gordon used a ray gun, Captain Kirk carried a phaser, and Darth …


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  1. In science fiction, futuristic soldiers are often shown wielding light emitting weapons. Flash Gordon used a ray gun, Captain Kirk carried a phaser, and Darth Vader brandished a light saber. But, today, the imagined future of science fiction is a reality. The United States is deploying a new generation of weapons that discharge light-wave energy, the same spectrum of energy found in your microwave, or in your TV remote control. They're called "directed-energy weapons". Lasers, high-powered microwaves, and particle beams. They claim that this technology is new and that first directed energy weapons are being tested right now, but the fact is that advanced technology is always suppressed from the general public. What is Directed Energy? How do direct energy weapons work? What can these direct energy weapons do?

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  2. The latest reference I have, is that the DEEP STATE/THE CABAL/THE WORLD BANK/THE EARTHLY EVIL SATAN, that group that has been in the process of taking over the world and has been manipulating our weather. Has been in the process of burning and scaring people to believe aliens are attacking. The aliens ARE THIS EARTHLY CABAL. They have a satellite; a DIRECT ENERGY WEAPON, to steer the weather, to zap high powered electrical lines, and to zap areas of houses just after a rocket filled with propellant is exploded over the target area. They deal in human trafficking to murder, to confuse, to control. Also, lets not forget Fukashima and it's continual regurgitating nuclear contaminants into and killing the whole pacific ocean.

  3. please stop showing wrong stuff. even as an EXAMPLE. AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE : WE DEFINITELY DO NOT WANT TO SEE IT. THE VOICE OF OBAMA MAKES ME FEEL TERRIBLE, AND ANY PIECE OF WRONG FILMS THE SAME. IT IS REALLY DISGUSTING. so please do not show it. I will turn it off. Just like the television.

  4. You guys are definitely on something; the big-speculation is who. The thing is that this potential might be available from multiple departments of the government, some sort of bank, or some other foreign government. Truthfully; you have to trust your leaders. That is just an unfortunate part of our position. Hopefully, the authorities take these cases and start trying to figure out who as opposed to when and how.

    <3's with you survivors.

  5. Comments about things like the tree burning on the inside should not only make anyone with common sense realise these videos are set up, but should result in the people making the statements and comments being arrested for causing public panic.

    Have a look at footage from almost any fire and youll see where trees that have aged and been hollowed out by termites burn "from the" inside !

  6. When you make a video thats cleverly designed to spark comments based on conjecture and nothing else !

    Sorry but if you read much into this crap, youll believe anything !

  7. You disrespectful twat. People lost everything in this wildfire, and you are trying to exploit it for your own gain. You should be ashamed of yourself. If you are not, then I hope you burn to death next time.

  8. I enjoy watching these videos even though I don’t agree with a lot of the ideas about how things are and why etc but that’s fine.. still find it interesting … something I don’t enjoy is whenever someone comments on a video where they’re disagreeing with what was said and/or shown and the person commenting will often provide information to refute the claims made but ODD NEVER engages with the ppl that disagree with him. It’s like he can’t handle that maybe he’s wrong. When someone corrects him and shares the CORRECT information.. it would be nice if ODD could just admit he might be or is wrong and stop spreading false information. Is his ego really that big???

  9. You must be trolling. If you really believe what you're saying then you are a crack pot! When brush fires burn guess what happens? Embers travel very long distance. The retards video you play clips of is clearly ignorant and so are you if your seriously believing that is on this video.

  10. firefighters sied only thingds that have metal caught. so if strip all metal from house which would mean wires too meaning nomore power if no metal in house then house will survive the attack.

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