Call Ken Nunn – It’s Just That Easy!

Personal injury lawyer in my area (Indiana). What a campy commercial.


13 Replies to “Call Ken Nunn – It’s Just That Easy!”

  1. Yeah, just that easy. Right.

    This shyster is going after my niece for an accident in which she was not at fault, only because the at fault driver was underinsured and judgement proof.

    Hope he dies in a fire.

  2. I love it when I'm just walking down 3rd St. minding my own business and then HOLY SHIT I see Ken Nunn driving right past me. It's like being touched by an angel

  3. I was walking along when, WHAM! just like that the Combine invaded my city. Ken Nunn showed up in an HV suit with a cheque in his gravity gun. It was just that easy!

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