WHO KNEW?! Thumbs up from our fellow Americans and Canadians ✿ Zoey’s Channel: …



  1. Aww I thought this was cute! Good job girls! ❤️ maybe not the points I'd make but that is the beauty of diversity and freedom of speech! To all the people judging them and pushing a certain idea you need to reassess yourself she wast quoting statistics she was just stating what "her experience was" I didn't agree with all her statements yeah Quebec is predominantly French and Ontario as well has a good number of French speaking Canadians but so what? Didn't hurt my feelings shouldn't hurt yours! Sorry but grow up and stop criticizing others find your own truth and inner peace ❤️🍁❤️ people are just people!

  2. NO NO NO we are nothing like Americans at ALL, PERIOD! Americans are hate-filled greedy self-centered assholes! And we are not. TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP end of conversation.

  3. americans are soft lol in canada were adapted to the freezing weather you wouldnt last, meanwhile we walk through blizzardy weather sippin a slushie like its just another day ;p

  4. Health care in Canada is not free, that's a misconception. While Canadians may not pay directly for health services, they pay a large amount in taxes to cover this service.

  5. I live in Canada and most of the people I know are selfish

    I used to live in USA when I was younger (about 14) and everyone seemed to be nicer and much compassionate help

  6. Canada seems very scary from what I have seen on tv or at least it's crazy at the Sunnyvale Trailer Park 😂. Just kidding, I do want to visit one day.

  7. Wait as an American, I just gotta say, despite what you see on YT, Walmart is WAY more popular than Target or any other superstore. I think YT is mostly upper and middle class, and Target is basically walmart but more upscale, so those would be the clientele. But yeah, gotta mention that. Walmart is much more of a market power. Really random nitpick, but great vid!!

  8. We seem the same but arent, our money looks different, Canada stayed loyal to England while USA rebelled, in the end were friends, Canada uses the metric system while USA does not, Canadians say eh while Americans say huh or i know right?

  9. So im pretty sure the reason yall got freee health-care is BECAUSE you got small population, i bet if yall had the same population as USA. it wouldn't be free

  10. Main diffrence-

    Canada: free health-care but you might wanna wait to get some thing and less superior

    USA: paid health-care but more superior and better.

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