Canadian thinking: interviewing Canadians

Filmed in Edmonton Alberta Canada. This is a new show that will be coming out twice a month. Asking Canadians what they think on certain subjects. I’d like to …


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  1. Dylan this was really cool, and you have an engaging style. It is obvious that you don't like Trump. As the interviewer you must be unbiased haha. But I really enjoyed this my friend. Keep it up. 🙂

  2. nice new segment! i have a suggestion to get time down and it b4 simpIer for the viewer: have the question fIash up as a prit question or you saying it once then have every answer about that question then the next and so on… if u get me! 🙂

  3. This is very interesting!!! Legalizing marihuana, Trump, etc. I guess Canada is just like my country, The Netherlands. We also legalized maruhuana and we also don't have a person like Trump as a president. No, we have this man Mark Rutte as a president and he is just a normal friendly person who acts very normal. Not a "I want to be boss, I want to be the best! I'm the man!" person like Trump, Erdogan or Putin. Just a grown up person trying to do things the right way.

  4. love love the series idea. I would really like to dm you some ideas for questions. as an American who has lived out of the country (lived in the Caribbean for 3 years) I have actually thought about moving to Canada, partly for Whistler but my topics would include basketball (since it was invented in Canada), capitalism and curious about the shutdown of the conservative news network there. big thumbs up!

  5. currently in the middle of my exam period, but when i saw this new series i thought "ay this might be good"

    and it sure was!!! it takes alot of bravery to go into the public and ask questions, im proud dude 🙂
    i dont know anything about canadian politics, but i think donald trump is an utter git xD putins just too power confident in my opinion

    as for legalising weed, im neutral on that topic – it has economic pros, but social cons :/

    that last interview made me laugh too 😉
    definitely keep this one up dude, left a like

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