22 Replies to “Canvassing for Storm Damage & Insurance Restoration”

  1. How about this, Hello Sir, my name is CC from xx local company, im pretty sure your home got affected by the most recent hailstorm like a lot of your neighbors. Have you given it some thought? Would you like a free, no obligation inspection? It will only take me 5 minutes to get on your roof, and take a look and see how bad the damage is. Does that sound good?

  2. Naw, he did good. Many people are actually happy that they did allow an inspection of their roofs and got them repaired. Now, had the homeowner tried to close the door and he put his foot in the way, then that would have been pushy 🙂

  3. Hail storms in hail prone areas are built into the actuarial formulas of insurance companies. Meaning, companies know there are going to be storms and price accordingly. If there are more storms then normal they may raise rates on everyone, yes. That being said, if YOU as customer #12345 file a claim YOU will almost certainly look at some sort or rate penalty because once you file a claim you are twice as likely to file another within 12 months, statistically.

  4. LOL why the foul language it seems just the mention of God has your panties in a wad!!!!, yes I agree they do hike the rates for EVERYONE in ANY damage area, BUT it is not because they make a claim, I have many ins with insurance companies and they say if there is a storm in MPLS and Bemidji, MN they will raise the rates for the WHOLE state!!! so no matter what you do they will raise the rates…… Just to let you know we have been in the business for over 10 years doing both ins, and self-pay!

  5. As a catastrophe adjuster I can say that canvassers do get a lot of business this way, although some people get tired of it in overworked neighborhoods. But honestly, I don't know anything about sales and/or marketing. All I know is claims adjusting. Good luck to you guys though. If it's legit wind/hail, we'll pay for it. If it's bogus, you're wasting your time.

  6. Oh you are so wrong. First, I'm actively licensed as an insurance agent in Florida and as an adjuster in Florida and 20 other states, and you are just WRONG. Second, what if you don't believe in God, then you're just FUCKED!!!

  7. How does he know if the guy has replacement insurance? Not one single objection. While canvassing is an excellent method for lead generation you may also accomplish the same results over the telephone or combine the two disciplines by having the canvasser put the prospect on the phone with a representative at the company who will schedule the appointment affording even further credibility.

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