Certificates of Deposit

Learn about certificates of deposit, or CDs, including their qualities, risks, and how to determine if they would be good addition to your investment portfolio.


9 Replies to “Certificates of Deposit”

  1. After you create a CD ( Certificate Of Deposit), you agree to take your money out after fixed period of time runs out. If you take your money before the fixed time limit the bank will charge you a fee. But does the bank charge you if you try to make a deposit on your CD even though you agreed not to touch the money until that fixed period of time runs out?

  2. Credit cards, debit cards and checking accounts are a scam. CDs, T-Bills, Bonds and Stocks are also great scams. Gold and silver are better but not much better. This is coming from a voice of experience – You can either take my word for it – OR – go out and buy some of these scam products to only see your money lost or grabbed by the IRS!

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