Charitable billionaires asked to give half their fortunes to charity

Bill Gates, his wife, Melinda, and Warren Buffett – the founders of “The Giving Pledge,” say the super-wealthy need to make a big commitment. Charlie Rose …


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  1. FFTQ-02-CDG-2018

    This is a LIE and FRAUD. Makara Johnny Kenedy has a LAST WILL and TESTAMENT and will not give a cent to any Charity. I am the trustees, Heir and Assigned stating this. All who acquires our Property are to be charged with EMBEZZLEMENT.

    With the Pending US Projects and Global Infrastructure we have no way to give for charity and thieves.

    Video Title Photo was ME with my biological father and my classmate BILL GATES during the presentation of the US High Profile Planning for the LORDS SATELLITE TOWERS but not pathetic time for charity which is NOT to Inculcating LAZINESS, BEGGING, SOLICITATIONS and BOASTFULLNESS.

    This is too much of the fake dubbing. This Media publishing this fake video shall pay for their Crimes.

    I am POSTING THIS VIDEO as a proof of EMBEZZLEMENT by the MEDIA.

    Posted by:
    Justice Cynthia GUNDAN Viloria

  2. Good day ladies and gentlemen, most of you must have heard about me or know about me, but should incase you don't know me am Prince Harry of Wales the grand son of Queen Elizabeth.I came into this group cos of some certain issues about my recommended charity home in West Africa, not that we can't Carter for them but just for you to be part of that blessing that have been keeping some of us the donors who always pay visit and also help in the welfare of the children and clothing, cos according to the Bible, God loves a cheerful giver. So please contact me directly via gmail.., if you are ready to make up something to the children and thanks as you do that God will favour you more.

  3. Since the introduction of the Giving Pledge billionaires got richer and the poor even poorer. Shouldn't we call it the Getting Pledge? I'm just wondering …

    8 people today have more wealth than half the world's population (3.6 billion people) and the gap is widening. I never understood what billionaires do with their money except for looking at their bank accounts. Giving me one million dollars would mean nothing to them, but they wouldn't give 10 bucks …

    There are people who think that making money requires being smart, it doesn't. It requires being cruel and nothing else.

  4. Relatively speaking, I bet I've given away more money than any of these assholes and I've barely ever even had money.
    Why do Bill and Melinda need to build some big, fancy, expensive art filled building in Seattle just to give away money… Until I see these rich motherfuckers wearing the rags I wear, driving the 16 year old Taurus I drive then everything they're doing is bullshit.

  5. The most important thing that they can do is to create a large transportation network that is capable of transporting donated goods to people countries who need them. By example, each time a community builds a new school to replace an old school, they would be happy to donate the content of the old building instead of paying for the destruction of the tables, desks and equipments. Fewer things would go to landfills and would serve mankind for a few more years. I have seen city tree cutters shred huge sixty fet tall trees. Tons and tons of good wood going to waste while deforestation could have been stooped by transported uneeded wood to places where it is needed. Think about a Craigslist for nations that is made possible by low cost transportation for huge loads of donated stuff.

  6. we need mr gates and buffet to give awey the tens of billions of dollars they have to build roads sanitation systems clean drinking water systems fight hunger,aids buid decent housing. they really need to do so immediately

  7. No doubt that those with enormous financial wealth can have an impact on the well-being of their fellow human beings. However, their giving will not correct the systemic flaws that are the cause of the dramatic concentration of income and wealth in the United States and in almost all other countries.

    I would ask Warren Buffett and others who share his values to do a bit of reading. At the top of my list is a book written in 1879 by the American newspaper editor and political economist Henry George, 'Progress and Poverty'. Henry George explains better than any other analyst I have ever studied that our systems of property law and taxation are skewed heavily in favor of landed interests. What Henry George meant by "land" was all of what nature provides to us as a common birthright. This includes the locations in our cities and towns, agricultural lands and other natural resource laden lands, the seas and waterways, the broadcast spectrum and take-off and landing slots at airports, even the paths traveled by satellites around the planet.

    These natural assets eventually come to have an exchange value because they are scarce resources. George argued that this value, which is created by the aggregate public and private investment and by the increase in population, is a societal fund. Failure to collect this fund has two consequences: (1) the ability of a "rentier" elite to claim the wealth produced by others without having to produce anything in exchange; and (2) governments tax (i.e., confiscate) the income and wealth people actually earn by producing goods and offering needed services to others.

    In short, the solution to our most serious societal problems is not to depend on the ethics of wealthy individuals but on a just system of taxation, a system under which public revenue comes from the "rent fund" that exists but is today largely privatized rather and socialized.

  8. I think Bill, Melinda and Warren are so good to have this giving pledge going rounding up the other billionaires as well!….It must feel good to be able to do that for all those poor people.

  9. These guys have absolutely got the right idea. Gee it almost makes me want to become an entrepreneur just so that I can take at least even a small portion of the wealth in the world and direct it where it is really needed and in the process prevent it from otherwise falling into 'the wrong hands' (aka those who blow our money supply on 5 minute wonders and sickening material possessions).

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