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  1. I've tried it with romi cheese and the taste amazing I wonder what is like with parmesan cheese I'm trying not to cook with butter what is the substitute vegetable oil

  2. Hi there, I on the other hand am trying your recipes and they are coming out nothing like what you are showing they are suppose to come out. I tried theses cheese sticks today, put the dough in the fridge .. and after 2 hours took it out …. as soon as I tried to roll it out .. it crumbled up. The same kind of experience I had with your pull apart nutella bread. I am sure that you have to either leave the yeast to activate before you mix it in the ingredients. If this is not then the case … there must be something else you are not showing us.

  3. That's very delicious! Actually, that's my mom's business and kids just love it! She usually melts the butter and white sugar in a pan so it's easy to make a batter. I like the idea of placing it at the back of the tray. Thanks for sharing your video!

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