38 Replies to “Chocolate Butter Cream”

  1. Hi chef. Can i place the buttercream mixture in refrigirator for a while after i blended it all? Just want to have it a body or stiffness to hold much longer while piping it out.

  2. It looks so liquidy, r u recommend this recipe for decorating?
    When i make the buttercream by following the basic way with butter, milk & icing sugar, that texture looks like urs one,but my buttercream is too liquidy to decorate cakes, and i m not happy with that… I m pissed off with buttercream frosting. When i only use icing sugar with buttter it ll never smooth, and when i used there milk to smooth the cream it ll be melty & liquidy.

  3. Hi Micheal.your videos are out of this world. You are not only a chef but an artist.Always you take the time to prepare your recipes as a painter painting a picture. Thank you .Pleasure to watch you working

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