CNRP lawmakers beaten at National Assembly protest

Two opposition lawmakers, Nhay Chamroeun and Kong Sakphea, were beaten unconscious during protests in Phnom Penh, as over a thousand protesters …


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  1. Pdey Samlagn, H.E Chamroeun Nhay:, Kondouys Pourk Mee Samphengs Plorn Kdor CNRP are so disgusting and Changrai Ors Aryos. Men is CNRP fight for big positions, Thanak, Bonsak and most ladies are Samphengs Plorn Kdor. They try to Chab Kdors for survival. My husband vited CAMBODIA one time, Pouk Samphengs CNRP Dandoeum Knier Choy Doch Chkae Khaekadeik. No sooner, Gods will bring tishese Samphengs to Choy on Doeum Rorkardeik soon. I will burn your Photographs and pictures of Kdors in front of Lord Buddha statute in the Wat, so when you die, you have enough Kdors to Choy, no need to fight for Kdors other people husbands and fathers. Pouk Mee Chau Aryu Kleuy, Pouk Mee Sampheng Sauchey. Kim Channa, Kdor Pdeykei Ouypoukkei, Choy Min Barn Yutei. Sampheng Chhantier Kim Channa, if you can have fun with Kdor my husband, Chamroeun Nhay under my Thoub Bei Sorsai light up in the middle of the Sunshine and I burn your photographs in the temples (Wat) in front of Big Lord Buddha in Las Vegas temples, you are the real winner. You can Choy Kdor my husband 24/7,and you can bring your mother, your sisters, your relatives and do not forget to dig all your grandmas and great-grandmas who died for long in the ground to Choy Kdor my husband, too. Dandoeum Knier Choy Tov before Gods bring you to hell. Sang Barb Barn Barb Pouk Mee Samphengs Pret Norok Loeung Rorkardeik. From Prahneang Agniya Ramma, Daughter of the Lord,

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