26 Replies to “Copart Live Bidding – Winning 3 Cars = Nissan 350z + $430 Galant!”

  1. The Z definitely wasn’t worth the 2.1k you paid for it, should’ve passed way too much damage plus a VQ35DE automatic at that AND a vert top, not gonna profit much in the end 🙁

  2. Do you need any auction license or permit to purchase these vehicles from an auction ? I live in Illinois love the channel! Huge inspiration just from watching.

  3. Seriously, look at the irish copart, you guys make me jealous with all the awesome cars, the ones here, crashed or not are crap with huge milage haha, may save and start importing.

  4. Nothing wrong with automatic cars. Got my wife an Opel (Saturn) Astra auto 3 years ago and she loves it. Wish my Peugeot 407 Coupe was auto but I enjoy the 6speed manual. Here in South Africa most cars are manual.

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