Cops Following Me Entrapment

Southern Alabama a cop followed me I also drive by a huge rocket in northern Alabama. Thanks for watching! Comment, Subscribe, and most important; Live …


20 Replies to “Cops Following Me Entrapment”

  1. What really sucks is that it looks like this guy is a nomad which means he has no choice but to live life on the road and now hes got to deal with this because he doesnt have the privacy of a normal home

  2. Dont like cops following you? Easy…..hit your caution lights and pull to the side of the road and let them pass you. I've done this a couple times because I hate cops behind me. They're looking something…anything to pull you over.

  3. When you notice a cop is following you you should take your camera and turn it to where it's facing the cop so you can have proof that he's following you and before he decides to pull you over you pull over on the side of the road and pull him over and ask him why he's following if he can't state a crime that you have committed then you tell him you want to speak with his supervisor and when his supervisor arrives you tell him that you want to file charges for harassment on this individual

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