Couple Shares How They Handled GoFundMe Money Raised for Homeless Veteran

The couple accused of withholding money from a GoFundMe fundraiser meant to support a homeless man says they have done nothing wrong. Kate McClure …


44 Replies to “Couple Shares How They Handled GoFundMe Money Raised for Homeless Veteran”

  1. I’m just saying there have been a lot more scams before this that people have gotten away with, its just that every time I point out that something is a scam even with evidence people always choose to deny it and call me a troll or tell me “how dare you say this is fake” despite even when I have evidence that something is fake.

  2. Can't write a check and blaim it on drug bla bla,but spending thousands gambling,helicopter flight,LV bag,expensive hotel etc etc was no problem at all.. Yeah for sure they try to do the good thing Yeah for there self's Crocodile tears and dumb clapping from audience

  3. UNBELIEVABLE another fake news! I recently heard that this story is false, it is to extract money, these scammers have ripped off thousands of people who donated for this homeless false. How sad to see scammers enjoying the generosity of people!

  4. He spent "some" of the money on drugs?? Not to be rude but he's probably going in the situation he's in because of drugs to begin with.. Not one of them sound true they're all probably lying and greedy

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