CVT Transaxle Steel Push Belt Construction

Learn the parts of the CVT belt at 1:30 See why the belt should not slip at 3:24 Watch the Ring Pack Assembly at 3:53 Push Belt demonstration at 5:47 Watch the …


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  1. Wonderful presentation that was informative and timely! Your video solidifies the notion that these transmissions because of the belt are designed for a short life span. Thank you for the explanation. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi!.
    How many rings have the CVT transmission for Infiniti QX60 2018?.
    How can I know how many rings has any CVT before seeing or uncovering its?.

  3. The easiest and most practical method would be to insert a very thin flexible spun wire through the middle of elements to keep them intact and sequentially holding. Such a Belt could be mass produced with various specifications. It is just an idea. I am certain engineers / designers must have thought about it.

  4. So, the Belt is the Achilles Heal. If and when it breaks it must damage the housing and other connected parts. It is not only the Belt but with such high pressure, other pulleys and gears must also break. It is no better than other Manual / Automatic Transmissions. There appears to be no 'real' solution. All moving parts do tend to wear out. Fluids collect the worn out metal and becomes a grinding substance. Changing fluid before time is the answer. With price tumbling down of ATF, one should make sure to replace it. A very good video. I did not think it was that complex. I would stick with Normal Automatic Transmission.

  5. Very excellent, enlightening video, I thought the belt was used to pull the opposite pulley from the torque converter input! But since the elements on the belt PUSH it to the other drive pulley, the only reason the multi-ringed belt fails, is simply because the flexing that occurs from going around the pulleys causes them to eventually crack and break due to metal fatigue after trillions of rotations. WOW !

  6. I was wondering how a CVT is able to pull the weight of the car and not break the belt due to the tension. Today I learned it is not under tension at all; it is under compression. Now my question is how long do these typically last before failing?

  7. If rings are what allows a higher torque tolerance, why dont auto manufacturers add more rings? It seems like the low end torque always kills these transmissions

  8. I saw a video from Ivan. Taking all part. Those. rings all broken up in pieces and Jammed in between the gears. They look so fragile. Looks like a clamp ring for plumper. Funny.

  9. I do wish that this video was better. It's from a trade school that's apparently using videos as part of the curriculum, and if Weber State is going to resort to videos these really need something resembling production values. It runs far too long and shows far too little. There is a brief mention of the texturing or knurling or whatever on the working surfaces of the elements and pulleys, but it's not shown clearly and no elaboration is offered. Yet it's clear that this texturing is critical, for the elements would just slip past the sides of the driven pulley.

    If nothing else, a 'push belt' is a non-intuitive concept for most of us, and so the instructor ought to show the two pulleys and the belt laid out on a table and demonstrate just how a belt could push upon a pulley. Other videos on the subject rely on computer graphics that are not entirely believable, and students who aren't present to hold the parts in their hands deserve a better presentation.

    This requires video producers who (1) know how to make a video and (2) have a clear understanding of mechanisms and materials. If the school can't produce adequate videos then it should not be using them as part of the curriculum.

    I taught in trade schools for some years. The students go into debt for their tuition, and they deserve better.

  10. it would really be nice if these transmissions were user serviceable….
    i took 1 apart and i think the belt should be easily replaceable……
    if u guys wanna see what im talkin about just go to the local junkyard guaranteed to find hundreds of nissans fairly new that u can tear apart…..

  11. Nice video, helps me re-affirm that I refuse to have a POS CVT trans in any of my cars. A real shame since it's very hard not to have one in a modern car today in North America. I'll hang on to 3 pedals as long as humanly possible.

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