Dante’s New Weapons Change The Devil May Cry Formula – Devil May Cry 5 Impressions TGS 2018

With a new suite of tools, including a weapon that is also a motorbike, Dante is bringing something fresh to the Devil May Cry series. Peter and Tam talk about …


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  1. I see nothing wrong. It's the natural characteristic of an ACT game: it requires you to pour your time, effort and reflex speed into it to actually achieve something. Some games look easy but the performance of players must have difference.

  2. I wish they moved in the era of where fighting stages aren't limited to space or cornered off, would really like to move along the stage area while fighting demons without being restricted by space and area assigned

  3. I really don't like the idea of having a motorcycle as a weapon. There are some many better options like daggers, scythe, hammer, shuriken, spear ect. 💯

  4. The microtrasactions aren't anything new, the PC version atleast of DMC4 let you buy proud souls. No one did it, they were easy enough to get in game but I see people freaking out because the option is there.

  5. they need to stop trying to make dante seem like a secondary character…everyone knows he's the face of the franchise… nero is awesome and vigil is stylish but dante is the jackpot

  6. the game looks very good, the aestetics looks badass beyond level. but they have to give Dante more rebellion moves. at least they added new moves for ifrit(?) including the same move that Vergil does in order to start a combo. the motorcicle weapon it's a great idea, but it looks too slow. what's the friggin point in adding ultra slow moves in a hack and slash game?

  7. Sorry guys, this piece wasn't very informative with regards to the game controls, enemy types, combo possibilities, etc. Half of the video were you talking about your struggle with the controls when there is footage from other news sources pulling off incredible maneuvers both on Nero and Dante. This is the third game using DMC3's combat system, and talking about how you need to do "finger gymnastics" to pull off simple maneuvers isn't helpful to us viewers or your credibility as game journalists. You can do better than this.

  8. microtransactions here are not pay to win, if you are not good at the game, you won't get past even devil hunter or son of sparda difficulty, no matter how much money you put into the game,

  9. So two generic annoying "journalists" gets to TGS for free and a flight to Japan. And play DMC5 before and more than everyone else. Love how the world works…
    If the game didn't have good graphics and the buzz fans gave it-they wouldn't even care or talk about it.
    They were always obnoxious, ignorant, condescending, cynical and disrespectful for the series.
    Crappy attitude and too much ego. Especially Peter Brown, who gets to review everything nowdays it's so pointless.
    Peter is intolerable. Argh. Need to see new faces voices.

  10. My uncle works at Capcom. I know the whole purpose of the microtransactions. Multiplayer. When the game was put up for pre-order on PSN, XBOX, and STEAM: 2-3 player Network Co-op multiplayer was listed on all 3 platforms. Soon after it was changed to hide that fact on steam. I’m not sure if it’s been hidden on XBOX and PS4 yet. It’s near impossible to make the same listing mistake on all 3 of the platforms. My uncle says they’re not ready to officially reveal co-op yet.

    So let’s say you have the game on PS4 and have played through all difficulties already but you want to play together with your friend on XBOX or PC, microtransactions are there as a catchup option if you happen to buy it on another system. That is why it’s even an option.

    It existed as an option on DMC4SE just for the veterans. There’s a small community that has never stopped playing DMC4. For them, it would be pointless to grind their way through every difficulty again just to catch up to where they were.

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