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  5. Sometimes food triggers are funny tho.

    Years ago i couldn't eat oats at all or i would be sick, now i can even eat 3 cups and have no problems. I couldn't eat any form of milk nowadays i can eat any form of milk and tons of.

    I can eat fresh raw or cooked garlic/ onion but if i eat garlic or onion powder it will mess me real hard.

  6. I found that charcoal tablets from Holland and Barrett are a god send for bloating! 🙂 2 after each meal within 20 minutes my stomach has reduced in size.

  7. ive had ibs since i was a teenager and it was alleviated with tablets and diet but the last six months it has flred up but i cant eat brekfast and only eat once or twice a day as i get horrible bloating and cramps also igo from loose stools to constipation then bam cramp pain feeling sick then stuck to the toilet seat for twenty mins or so and it makes me feel really ill

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  9. I've just found your youtube and watched this video. My IBS seems to be worse in the morning, like not long after I get up I'll start running to the toilet and then it settles as the day continues. Is that normal?

  10. One of my worst trigger foods is chocolate, I don't know why but my stomach always hurts after and sometimes makes some weird noises and bubbling. But chocolate is my favourite food, so my question is, what do I do? I have already tired to cut down but I don't want to cut it out completely. Any advice?

  11. I suffer from IBS and have been since i was 17-18. I couldn't sleep because the pain was so strong. Now i don't feel the extreme pain as i used to. I started swimming regularly and read the ebook "How to beat your Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)" pain by Al-Ali on Amazon, both of which were helpful!!

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