26 Replies to “Dirty Work: UK importing migrants to fill employee shortages”

  1. £1000 a week isn’t much for a skilled tradesman, kids don’t want to come into it because they don’t realise they can earn £250 or more a day. I wonder if the person who wrote that script would work that hard in all weathers for only a grand a week

  2. Plaster of 24 years. Employers are offering £80 a day for 6 days amonth since 2008 .My tools are dated  and in the shed my plasterers mate is a care assiant,my van is a 125cc motorbike now and im on the dole. Lazy my ass .

  3. All call it bullshit what happing is the companies what pay local British the pay the want for the job vs welfare etc. extortions of British lower income.  Meaning we can higher Mexican for 10Hr so fuck you Americans.

  4. Well isn't that great. I finished a 3 year bricklaying course and can't get a job because apparently I need 5 years experience, and while I'm standing here thinking how I'm going to get that experience if no one gives me any job they bring people from Portugal to work.

  5. The Brits are a bunch of lazy fucks and it's because they live in a welfare state. If anyone knows laziness, it's that Portuguese man that said, people don't want to really work.

  6. This is where the third countries come into place and the rage? Oh well, if you don't want your hands being dirtied, someone else will take your opportunity and wage. Just like Mexican in usa. At least the big contractors feast on these people

  7. Indeed the English are very lazy, cold, cheap, short-sighted, small-minded, selfish, racist, xenophobic, cousin-fucking inbred hicks. Also a country of rampant child buggerers, as 10 seconds of watching the BBC will tell you.

  8. Great, more foreigners to rinse the British benefit and social services systems, outnumber British children in their own towns and schools, and take all the council houses — and Russia Today is really fooling themselves if they honestly believe these people are coming to "work." None of the immigrants want to work, they want to come for a free house, free money, free health care, etc., they do not put fuck all into the country (or any country for that matter, including their own). And the meme that they are being brought in due to "labor shortages" is pure mlarky. I see homeless and jobless White people In America, Canada, Britain, etc., all over the place, everywhere, sleeping on the streets or living in a crappy hostel, yet a Somalian who has not even been in the country for a week gets a four bedroom house. It's disgusting! There are areas that White peope, the indigenous Britons, cannot even go into because the African and Asian communities have completely taken over. Everyone goes on like it is White people who are "racist", but infact it is every other race that hates White people! They do not even like White people, especially the English who they are taught "colonized" and "oppressed" them. They look down there noses at us, they see White women as cheap easy meat put here for their entertainment.

    And all of this for the sake of "diversity", which is proven to be associated with reduced democracy, slowed economic growth, falling social cohesion and foreign aid, as well as rising corruption and risk of civil conflict. Ethnic diversity is also associated with reduced public altruism, government welfare for the aged and sick, public health care and a general loss of trust. Ethnic diversity is second only to lack of democracy in predicting civil war. Globally it correlates negatively with governmental efficiency and prosperity.

  9. If you don't want the job don't complain when some foreigner takes the opportunity instead, seriously you lot are acting like those children that get pissed when some other brat plays with a toy that you don't even play with or want, only to leave it alone again. Seriously, grow the fuck up and accept the consequences of taking things for granted you fucking pricks.

  10. Unemployment is high in the UK and the Brits are looking for any job but its corrupt, Africanized and Islamized rulers are talking about "shortages of employees". The Brits should rebel and overthrow this Government!

  11. So let me get this straight. Young Britons are struggling to find gainful employment and have no guidance or ideas about where to turn to and somehow the government is encouraging foreign immigrants to come and fill a job shortage? You expect me to believe British youth are not willing to work for 800-1000 pounds/week?

  12. Most people complaining about illegal immigration never talk about the economic problems (in America) or socio-economic politics (in the UK) of getting anyone to work at any menial laboring job. Never. It’s always race, race, race. Occasionally they’ll complain about said illegals coming from unchristian nations, all the while ignoring the fact it’s a lot easier to evangelize people once they come into your western country than to spread the Great Commission abroad. Basically, the whole anti-immigration movement has degenerated into yet another excuse to hate people over their skin, and because of this nobody who isn’t an avowed racist will get on board with enforcing border security and restrictions on illegals. It’s sad, but it’s also a direct result of racists poisoning what should be a wholesome “call for action” with their own prejudices. 

  13. My father always told me to get a skilled trade in construction before I got my higher education, and I did.. It has always let me earn a good wage whenever I needed money .  
    It also saved me a fortune when building my first home 

  14. Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.. OK Brits – why are you not shouting at these "fucking western europeans"? just the same as some of you were shouting at us "eastern europeans" few years back??

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