Donald Trump’s full State of the Union address

U.S. President Donald Trump delivered his 2019 State of the Union speech in Washington to a joint session of Congress, setting out his agenda amid a host of …


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  1. 49:05 – Cortez won't clap for human traffickers being put behind bars, but she will clap for herself and the achievements of women. She will not clap for the safety of women.

  2. WTF is Pelosi doing with the white papers? I think she is reviewing the new KKK white hood designs that they are going to wear at the next “wear white” outing.

  3. A TRiUMPh for Trump. I'm a Brit and I wish we had a leader with guts and backbone like Trump. We've got snowflakes, fluff heads and poodles. What went wrong? So sad. 🙁

  4. About half the people in the room realize Buzz is part of a US Pride Hoax and the other half have no clue and actually believe he walked on the moon — even though the technology does not exist nor will it ever. Trump needs to begin leaving NASA out of it to save much embarrassment later.

  5. The Congress and Senate of the American Government known as the United States of American just went into a treasonous chant, screaming "U.S.A."🤔🤔

  6. What’s with the chewing motion, Nancy P??? She really looks senile!

    And, the KKK ladies are sitting with stone faces when he’s talking about ripping the baby out of the womb and killing it!!! And, killing an already born baby!!!! Are they not mothers, grandmothers? Have they not ever felt a child’s love? They approve infanticide?! Beyond comprehension….

  7. I love this!! The democrats look like someone stole their lunch money. Hey, you can't compete with results. lowest unemployment rate , YES !! Trump is proving he dosen't need these women in their white Garb to get things done. Socialism has never worked anywhere If Pelosi, Schumer Cortez and Sanders want a socialist society , they need to go to a socialist country and see if they can turn it around BUT this country is not for sale Period !!

  8. Proud of Trump Great speech! In fact, one of the best speeches, ever. Of course, Demon👹Rats made fools of themselves. No class or respect for the House, Office of the President, or Country.

  9. Contact your Congressman and Senators. They swore an oath to uphold the
    Constitution. Article 1 is clear – Founders intended Government to be
    operated on a yearly basis. The Founders intended Congress to over-ride
    any Presidential Veto by providing for 2/3 majority vote to pass
    veto-proof legislation. As such, tell your Senators and Congressional
    Representative to send veto-proof Continuing Resolution ("CR") to keep
    government operating on a yearly basis. If this action was done just one
    time, all Presidents would learn there is no way to shut down the
    government as a negotiating tool. Government operations are supposed to
    be non-partisan. The Hatch Act prohibits government employees from
    political activity at work! The President, through the Office of
    Management & Budget {"OMB") and the Office of Personnel Management
    ("OPM"), is violating the Hatch Act when he directs the Executive Branch
    to take political partisan action – shutting down the government to
    teach everyone a political lesson – involving government operations.
    And, the President is violating the Fair Labor Standards Act ("FLSA")
    and the 13th Amendment, when he compels work without pay (compensation).
    And, Congress and the Supreme Court are both complicit in these crimes!
    Congress because they failed to pass veto-proof CR to keep government
    open and the Supreme Court because they are allowing Executive Branch to
    compel work without pay – Court should issue Order prohibiting
    employees from working without pay – which would mean a REAL shutdown.
    Get involved. Send the President and Congress a message – stop the
    shutdowns because they are unlawful!!!

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