Don’t invest with AXA Equitable funds and suffer the loss like I did

After over 10 years, it’s not even worth what I put into it, and then to get it from them to move to another company they don’t make it easy!!! Goodbye AXA I’m gone …


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  1. a single video is not enough to destroy the millions of lives AXA has helped. This guy clearly does not know what he is into or was just expecting too much, I do not know who to blame.

    AXA is still the best out there!

  2. Glad I was able to watch this, however, we should not judge the company since we never know what could possible happened why it turned out that way. There are a lot of factors that could affect why the returns goes like that, like the fund allocation where he invested his money, the supplemental protections added(if there may be), withdrawals made(if he had made withdrawals) and of course on how it was explained to him by the advisor who offered the policy and a lot more. Investment is good, as the owner,you should not just rely it on the company. You should also participate in taking care 'cause you've worked hard for it. Being busy isn't an excuse for you not to be aware of how is going on with your investments.

  3. I feel your pain. We pulled out of axa and have yet to receive our check. Our house is on the verge of foreclosure and we needed it to make payments between jobs. STILL WAITING for 'the check is in the mail' to arrive over a month later. Seems OUR money has gone to oblivion. Looking for an attorney. It most-likely will cost us more to sue than it's worth by the time things clear.

    Thinking on it though… I bet we're not alone. Class action anyone?

    When the house is gone we will have nothing left to lose. Making them regret their BS will become my NUMBER ONE priority. 🙂 It's good to have a mission in life.

  4. Victimhood is really a coveted status these days. You “watched” your investment go down for 10 years??? Does your phone work? Did you ever call your advisor (name & number is on your statement) and ask for a review? That “big catalog” those greedy fat cats are sending you is a prospectus. It is a legal requirement….talk to you congressman and tell him you want less disclosure from investment companies about the investments you are in…..good luck with that. As for the cost to print & mail those prospectuses? That slick expensive promo you are griping about is an incentive to get such correspondence sent electronically instead of printed and mailed. You know why you were in the account you were in and you never got a phone call from an advisor? Because advisors can SMELL your type……and you “everyone’s out to get me” the “CEOs are just trying to screw me” attitude. And they want to work with clients that will listen, learn and heed some advice. FYI mr “got rocks” total compensation paid to an advisor on your account over 10 years was around $200.00. Upon hearing of your departure they may cry them-self to sleep…..but somehow I think they will find a way to carry on.

  5. AXA,waste of money and time. Good sales talk. bad result. tsk2x. The only thing that you can get from them is. Sorry you were not able to inform by our agent the exact information. or You should read all the manual before signing or getting the plan. F#ck. I am a busy busy person and only rely on your agent and don't have time to read a dictionary like manual that you provide.

  6. Stay away from axa!! I just recently took all my money left.. i invested 5 yrs ago in axa philippines.. it was the wrong decision i made.. its better to invest a land or buying a property for sure you will know how much this will worth after few years.. rather that investing your money on this scam.. i dont even make some money! Useless

  7. How to get back the money i spend to this…i spend 10k for 4mnths and i want to quit and my agent said that i cant get my money it possible to get my money?some one can give me piece of advice?

  8. I believe your agent did not mention about the risk involved. Any insurance company will explain to you how this works. Sorry about that

  9. To think that a business should personally guarantee each and every investment by stealing funds from their advertising department is absolutely hilarious! If you want a safer investment then you must be willing to accept a lower rate of return. lmao try a 30 day us bond next time bruddah!

  10. I have read all the comments. I see the his Equity Fund did went down. But it was the time when the market was already on its way down. In 2011, almost every stock prices went down. Investing needs time and proper timing. If you see the prices go up, invest, if you see the prices go down – wait, then reinvest.

  11. To answer your last question…Yes, I'd still invest my money with them over any of the other financial investment firms doing business in the current market.  Most all of the other companies took government buy outs during that time your choice of funds investment did poorly.  AXA didn't need the US government to bailed them out because their investments are in the global markets…could be one reason you only lost a couple thousand instead of all of it!?!

  12. Hi, I appreciate the info. Back when I was rolling over the funds, all "our guy" kept telling us was that he would watch our funds for us, and that he would treat us like his mother – who's statements he was showing us, with nice returns on it too…so I feel a little misled, and then ignored. I understand that funds lost value, but if I own the same amount of shares, and times have gotten better, I wouldn't have felt so screwed if it at least went back to where I started. I feel they failed me.

  13. What asset classes did you invest in? Were they volatile? Did you know about this volatility before you invested?

    It's not just AXA's funds that have gone down. You would have gotten the same result in any other fund provider/manager. The markets overall in the 10 year period your money was in went down significantly and hasn't caught up to pre credit crunch levels.

    I do feel for you though… Maybe next time check the asset classes your money is in

  14. The problem is that even after over 10 years, it hasn't caught up to what was originally put in. You would still give them your money with that track record?

  15. Oh and it gets better, not only do they charge you an "administration fee" to get your money, you have to have paperwork notarized as well to get it. So, you lose even more money, and now your time. Both my wife and I are soooo glad to get away from this horrible company of thieves. BEWARE before you give this funnel of loss your hard earned money!!!! And see the comment, "feel free to reach out to me directly"….why, you going to laugh at me to top it off?

  16. We're sorry you are no longer a customer of AXA Equitable, but if you’d like to discuss your experience further please feel free to reach out to me directly at 315-477-3600. – Gerald Carroll, VP, Customer Relations Office

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