20 Replies to ““Don’t Move” – Award Winning Demon Short Film (HD) – BloodyCuts.co.uk”

  1. This is one of the best horror short film I have watched ! Soooo good !
    Then you say you did The Birch !! No wonder Don't Move soooo amazing . Well done , well done indeed 👏👏👏❤

  2. One of the best👌this is why u should not play these deadly games nd rituals thanks to these horror shorts i gave up on playing ouija nd other stuff i never did but i wanted to try them when i was a teenager

  3. This thought alway crossed my mind since I first watched Jurassic park with the T-Rex…. technically aren’t you always moving because your breathing that counts doesn’t it your chest is moving every time you breath or am I just overthinking it

  4. wait shouldn't the guy who passed out die I mean she was moving a lot but she stopped when he woke up so shouldn't both die or just the last guy because he was moving while getting up?

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