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  1. Hi love it it was pretty easy but I don't know if it was my baking trays but some stuck to the parchment paper do you grease the tray before the parchment paper ?do you have any suggestions please

  2. Not sure where I went wrong can you advice please? Outside the pastry looks golden brown at the top and a bit burnt at the bottom but inside its pack and not hollow and it did not rise 🙁 Thanks

  3. I love profiteroles 😍 One of my local restaurants makes them with baileys Irish cream flavoured custard inside, they are divine. I always thought they were difficult to make so ive never tried but that will have to changr now!

  4. Hello Gemma, I have a question. Can I just put some butter on a baking tray instead of lining it with baking paper?

    Addition: can the temp be 200/250°c?

  5. Gemma I have a question: why is it that profiteroles have a hollow centre whereas baked churros don’t because both of them are made using the same method and ingredients?

  6. Hi Gemma – nice video as always!! I'll try them with milk next time and see which one is ultimately better: water or milk. I've learned to make them with water. I've learned the hard way what to do for them not to go flat … I kept opening the oven to check on them (in those days there were no glass windows in the oven door) and 4 times my profiteroles went flat … When I called totally frustrated my Mom she told me to stop opening the oven while they bake. Ever since … they are nice and puffy!

    BTW Profiteroles are also great as aperitif or as little entrées / "amuse-bouche" – I fill them with a mix of whipped cream and horseradish mousse with smoked salmon cut in little pieces … or any savory filling of your fantasy … and they're always a success.

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