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  1. I made this pastry and i used my hands to just much everyyhing together untill it got dough like πŸ™‚ turned out pretty good! And it tastes savouryish so i think it'll be useful for anything!! Thanks heaps

  2. Please, at what oven temperature, and for how long, should your pie pastry be baked. Β I did check your blog for these, but could not find this information there either. Β I'd surely appreciate the info., as would like to make this. Β That it is a Β 
    'multi-purpose' makes it a keeper :). Β Thank you for the recipe and your time. Β  Mrs. Tc

  3. I was using this pie pastry for my dad's birthday and it was a success!But i do have a question though.Before i discovered yours,i made pie pastry by making sure all my ingriedients were cold as it was written down on a recipe i printed months ago.Everything was fine until i started rolling it out.There were cracks everywhere and it didn't actually stay put.When i began to roll,it all fell apart.What do you think could have been the cause? πŸ™‚ Wassalam…

  4. Dear Titili,Does this pastry work for Apple pie too?I was planning to make a Lattice Apple Pie but wasn't too sure about which pie crust recipe was best.There were so many!So before i make this for my dad's birthday (I'm 15)..Could you tell me if it works for an apple pie?
    P.S Your humour just keeps getting better and better when i watch your videos with captions ''on'' πŸ˜€

  5. Just tried this pastry and it came out great! After several hours in the fridge it is easy to handle and does not shrink when baked! I used it as base for Tarte Normande following both recipies – just left almonds out, actualy forgot to buy them really πŸ™‚ I salute you, Titli! A small advice to the viewers, if I may – this recipe will make a huge amount. For your regular tarte HALF iis enough. An excess can be frozen for months though.

  6. Use cutting board and chop your butter together with a flour with a knife till butter splits into tinny pieces. Then work it with hands. Should take some 10 minutes max.

  7. Assalamualaikum Titli, greetings from Japan!
    I'm a beginner in cooking and I very much enjoy watching your video πŸ˜€
    Could you tell me about this pie pastry, how much pie would it make (how big?) and how long could you store it in the fridge? For example can I make one and use half today, and the other half next week? >,< sorry for the newbie question~~

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