21 Replies to “Eating 1 STAR Worst Reviewed Restaurant In Our City! (THEY KICKED US OUT!!)”

  1. That’s so stupid how they kicked u guys out cause they apparently couldn’t just do ONE order😂 like they do have a 1 star rating what did they expect? Who’s gonna wanna order multiple plates of food when u know from the jump it’s gonna be a waist of money cause the food gonna taste like rotten fish and garlic with some expired mustard cheese😂

  2. Wow GREAT VIDEO once again you guys!💖 Alyssa should totally do a getting my nails done at the worst reviewed nail salons since she always be having her nails done and lookin good, 💅🏻she should try something new and also entertaining❣️And also Charles should do like a rate my outfits video, or he should go out in public looking like a girl and wearing Allyssa clothes🤣 I love u guys so much! Keep doing great videos, you guys are getting bigger and bigger almost at 100k CANT WAIT🙏🏽 It’s gonna be lit asl💯

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