31 Replies to “Eating at the BEST REVIEWED RESTAURANT In my city”

  1. People complain about the smacking noise, well that’s just a part of asian culture. Us smacking is a sign that we enjoy the food & it’s known as a compliment to the person who made the food.
    If we sit there & not make a noise while eating, the person who made the food, might think we don’t like it & might take it offensively.
    Where do you think mukbangs/Amsr videos came from in the first place, that everybody on youtube is doing? South Korea.

    So if you don’t like the smacking, then I don’t even know why you’re on a mukbang/cooking channel lol

  2. Vegan and vegeterian are different things. Vegans eat no animal products wether its mean dairy or even honey where as vegeterians dont consume meat but they eat dairy products.

  3. Donr be fooled everyone….. the consistency is like a fucking SPONGE. Imagine deep frying a sponge. Yea itll be crispy on the outside but as u chew it….. sponge. Tofu sucks.

  4. Videos would be better if I dint have to listen to him eat, slurp, eat with his mouth open, talking with his mouth full! The sound is disgusting… it should have "ASMR" in the title! It got me "Super Pumped" to unsubscribe.

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