29 Replies to “Eating at the BEST TURKISH RESTAURANT In my city”

  1. TURKISH GANG!!! WHERE ARE YOU GUYS AT!?!?! Alright guys.. Mentally preparing myself for this up coming week. We got Vietnamese New Year coming up, Chinese New Year coming up, Wilson wants Korean Feast and bunch more feasts on its way!! Let me relax this week and then GAME ON!!!!

  2. Idk what y’all talking about but he eats fine to me, he chews with his mouth close, and he dosent even smack that much. In mukbangs people smack and chew so if you don’t like that you should not be watching eating videos at all. Also the chewing is a little louder because their is a mic on the camera that attracts noises like omg y’all dumb!! Have y’all never heard of a MIC!!!! don’t understand if you don’t like the way he eats why are you here just leave, no need to comment it. Y’all are the ones who are annoying 💀

    Salted egg fried chicken and shrimp
    Chili crab
    Kway teow
    Bak Kut Teh (meat bone soup)
    Kaya Toast and soft boiled eggs

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  5. Y'all need to stfu about how he eats bro like let the man eat how he wants if u don't like it then turn u volume down like who cares about how he eats

  6. Lebanese food is so good I’ll never forget this meal I had after closing a 80k deal the Lebanese guy took us to place wheree we ate rice but underneath the rice was a huuge crepe the rice had pine nuts also different meats! Chicken quail beef soo good if anyone knows let me know what’s it called

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