43 Replies to “Eating At The Worst Reviewed Chinese Restaurant In My City (1 STAR)”

  1. WHY would she knock on the door when u were in the bathroom…that’s super weird.

    ALSO there’s this restaurant called Lemongrass in Toronto that:
    1. Low key closes at 10 pm on a SATURDAY
    2. I came with one of my friends and all the stuff we ordered came DISTURBINGLY FAST…like 5 minutes. This tells me that it was reheated
    3. The food was SOGGY af
    4. The service was SHIT. The server was legit giving me TONE. And if there’s one thing I hate it’s when a bitch gives me tone.
    By the way this is was at the Bayview location. 1630 Bayview Avenue. I bet their yelp reviews are shit

  2. The food looks ok to me 🤷🏻‍♀️ lol, I’ve had some really bad Chinese food, so bland and disgusting. Mushy noodles are a no no though.

  3. I know I just commented but that opening beat is just hyper-lit do y'all do your own editing and beat selection because it's dope,who ever is doing it my compliments to the chef and thanks for the content.

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