24 Replies to “Eating At The WORST Reviewed Pizza Restaurant In My City (Los Angeles)”

  1. I worked there. They do recycle the pizza for days until everything is sold or eaten by the employees, new batches are not sold until old ones are gone also the back is nasty they keep not frozen chicken wings by the floor on watery containers. Nasty nasty i feel bad for the guy working there is all the owners they didn't let us do it right smh

  2. When he said " it looks like they went to mcdonalds and ordered all the sausage and chopped them up for the gyro"…i laughed. Then he held a piece to the camera and im like…"WOW, THEY REALLY MIGHT'VE!!!!"

  3. So the clear up your comment about grabbing the slices with your hand. Here in NYS for the food managers course, you are told that is it okay to grab the slices with your hand; AS LONG AS THEY ARE HEATED AFTERWARDS. Also money is one of the cleanest things in the world, whatever is in it doesn't allow it to carry germs.

  4. Go to chuke cheese and see if their pizza are recycled. So I’ve heard they take pieces of pizzas from people that don’t finish it and give it out as a “new pie”

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